I started a petition to Congress on Sept. 9, 2011 for a WEEK of awareness on
this issue. I did know that Congress did in fact give one day to PTSD awareness,
and that day is June 27th. However, not very many people know about this one
day. At that time in the news media it was more important to report about
someone that had "tiger blood", than to let the general public know about PTSD
Awareness. This is just one of the reasons for my petition to Congress. One
more reasons is, 18 - 26 Veterans are taking their own lives every day. We have
to do something to stop or help lower this number. I can not just sit by and not do
anything about this epidemic of suicides any longer. This is why there is a need

I have been working for PTSD awareness for almost two years now on
Facebook. I have even started a
group on Facebook for PTSD Awareness
Week. I am working on planning Facebook events for each state capital to hold a
rally for PTSD Awareness, and I plan on being at each event. At the present time
I have over 4,800 Facebook friends that know just how and why I am on

I am always looking for supporters for PTSD Awareness. Please, if you can help
our quest to make our journey successful by joining us on Facebook or volunteer
in any way, shape, or form that you can to help our cause.

Click here to sign our petition to Congress,

To send letters to your Congressman click here: Dear Congressman